Our T’s & C’s

We are a trust worthy company. Always doing our best at all times to work both conscientiously and honourably.  We will communicate at all times.  Try our best to keep to agreed programmes and will remain at hand long after the work has been completed to address any issues that might develop during the service life of the finished project.

We prefer to confirm requirements by developing functional specifications and design drawings, and where possible we seek to secure written contracts before we embark on a project but do offer many of our prices on a verbal contract basis.  Whether the engagement commences with a written or verbal contract, we wish to remind our clients that a contract does exist and the terms should be met by both parties.

We offer both fixed price terms and hourly rates plus expenses.  If the price has been fixed then we will keep to our offer unless variations to the contract occur, which we will raise to the clients attention and negotiate for payment to complete.  If the contract is based on a hourly rate then we will keep good time keeping records and submit when we request payment.  Hourly rate contracts do require the customer to pay for all the time our staff are working on the project whether they are completing wood work tasks, discussing requirements and engaging in other tasks.  Even if work has to be re thought out and re worked, the hourly rate still applies.  Our hourly rate is for the provision of skilled labour and access to our vans and tools and workshop space.  It does not include any fixings, glues, sand papers or other consumables or materials.  These will be charged separately.

The techniques we employ are founded on traditional approaches.  Wood is a material that is susceptible to movement and decay.  We do our best to predict movement and decay vulnerability but we can not accept liability for movement or decay in extreme environments or failure in protection systems such as paints and varnishes if we were not commissioned to apply the finish’s.

We do not offer any guarantee as such unless it has been expressly agreed in the contract negotiations.  It is possible for us to provide a third party warranty via the Guild Of Master Craftsman.  This product has a separate costs and for further information either review the offer via the guilds website or ask for further information at time of placing your order with us.

We often require a 50% deposit before we can commence work which helps fund material purchases.  We also invoice on a fortnightly basis and our payment terms are due from date of invoice.  We do charge a penalty for late payments of 5% above base rate for each day after the invoice is overdue for 14 days or more.

We are a small company and can not ramp up to meet project deadlines.  If a project has fallen behind due to circumstances beyond our control, we will try our best to make up time.  This can only be done by working late occasionally.   We dont expect to be asked to work late consistently on a project.

We do not offer refunds.  We will do our best to make adjustments or accommodate change requests but once a deposit has been received or further monies paid, it is not refundable.  If projects are abandoned by the client then we expect to be paid fairly for the work delivered.

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