At the heart of every job is a well thought out design.  I often say to students that if you can’t draw it, you can’t make it!

I typically come over to see you at your home, discuss your thoughts and requirements.  From this meeting I’ll have a pretty good idea of the likely costs that you can expect for the project.  I ask for 50% deposit at this point and then I’ll firm up the ideas with drawings. Then I’ll refine these until we get the project properly described on paper.  This then forms the scope of the project and gives us something to measure the delivery against.

Below is some examples of our workshop drawings.



Over the years we have built all sorts of projects and each one adds to our experience and I believe adds to our ability as designers too!

I always study other peoples work when I see craftsmanship too, be that at a museum or a historic building I might be passing.  Often my clients have already built up a series of tear sheets as inspiration, sometimes I even get a written brief, but I will secure the design before I start, so that we are all clear as to what is to be done.

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